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Meet Your Mentor!

Tina Lorenz is a copywriting mentor, mindset shifter, and transformational business coach and consultant.


But it wasn’t always that way.


In fact, when Tina Lorenz blazed into the vast arena of both on and off-line marketing and direct response copywriting, she was a complete unknown.


An unlikely success story, she went from homeless in her 40’s from a domestic violence event--- to embracing her inspired calling.


And it didn't take long for her first grand slam. Tina generated over 4 million dollars in sales within 30-days with a two-page direct mail letter. And that was just the beginning.


Her role as the "invisible force" behind seven figure online product launches quickly catapulted Tina to being one of the most successful women in online copywriting. Legendary online marketer Frank Kern has dubbed Tina the “Queen of Copy” and the "Millionaire Maker."


The bottom line? Tina helps clients discover what's missing from your current marketing strategy and zero in on how you can increase visibility, maximize your effectiveness, and accelerate your profitability.






















Got Questions? We’ve got answers! support@tinalorenz.com

Here’s What Can Happen When You Win With Tina!

I got my investment in Accelerator off the table in 3-4 months. I work fewer hours and I make more money. I love what I’m doing so much it doesn’t feel like work! Take Tina’s coaching, listen to what she says, and utilize all the feedback you get in this program. When you apply yourself and follow Tina’s lead, you can do it. There’s no limit -  Alice Crider

"In 3-months I went from being a nurse to starting my copywriting business and getting my first two clients. Tina is constantly reinforcing positive focus and stepping us away from limiting thoughts. It’s very real!" - Kim Corda

“Within 4-months of joining Accelerator, I went from making more than I did after 10-years as a full-time Social Worker, working part-time as a copywriter. Tina is amazing!” - Kristin McKinzie

“I made $50,000 on Amazon in part because Tina Lorenz taught me the discipline of marketing. I went from being a woman who was not involved in business or marketing, to a woman who is confident earning online through different revenue streams because I’m learning how to write copy that is authentic.” - Colleen Truax

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